Rich's Rants

Rich's Rants

15 July 2021 / by Richard Gray

Delight where you can

A possible way to make your visitors smile - and keep coming back to your website. It worked for me!

Rich's Rants

24 April 2019 / by Richard Gray

Why do the same thing twice?

Asking your users to do the same thing twice just makes them annoyed and adds risk to the process.

Rich's Rants

12 April 2019 / by Richard Gray

Put things where people expect to find them

Like small children and lost toys, your website should put things where people expect to find them.

Rich's Rants

7 March 2019 / by Richard Gray

Don’t confuse with colour

Putting aside the colour blindness issues of using colour to illustrate state, for those of us who aren't colour blind, please use colour in a way that makes sense.

Rich's Rants

10 January 2019 / by Richard Gray

Why apostrophes matter

I was asked one morning whether I thought that using apostrophes correctly really mattered.

Rich's Rants

4 September 2018 / by Richard Gray

Show you care

Show your users that you care about the small things and it will show that you care about the big things too.

Rich's Rants

25 April 2018 / by Richard Gray

Increasing your users’ confidence

Help your users to make informed choices about where to go and what to do by providing helpful signposts.

Rich's Rants

4 December 2017 / by Richard Gray

Error messages – help your users

Help your users when errors occur and you'll give them a much more pleasant user experience.

Rich's Rants

8 May 2017 / by Richard Gray

Meeting user expectations

Breaking from convention is often seen as edgy or cool, but in the digital world this may not always be the best thing to do.

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