Why apostrophes matter

10th January 2019 / by Richard Gray

I was asked one morning whether I thought that using apostrophes correctly really mattered.

Now I’m afraid I’m one for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation and, call me old fashioned, but I wince when someone writes me an email and says “Hope your well.” I appreciate the sentiment but still wish I didn’t mentally add “Hope my well what? Hope it’s not run dry? Hope no-one’s fallen in…?”

Maybe I should care less (or get out more) but really (nameless pub we visited on the weekend) you don’t spell omelettes with an apostrophe. Gaah!

So these are minor points – does an email carry less weight if I’m asked “what time there coming”? Will I deliberately not order chip’s(!) with my fish simply on principle? No, of course not – I’m in the pub, I’m there, let’s eat!

But … turning our attention to websites – if, as a consumer, you haven’t yet decided whether or not to place your order with a supplier then it could make all the difference in the world.

Whatever your stance on spelling, grammar and punctuation, would you be more inclined to part with your cash on a website where care and attention had been paid to getting these things right?

I’m betting so.

My feeling is this – if a site doesn’t care about getting these things right (which cost nothing) then it probably doesn’t care much about its users or possibly the quality of its product either.

All of a sudden I have lingering doubts – will the goods be up to scratch, will there be a problem if I need to return something, what’s the customer service like…? Just who ARE the people running the site – can I trust them with my order?

And if I have doubts, what do I do? I go somewhere else…

Apostrophes matter.

End of.

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Why apostrophes matter

I was asked one morning whether I thought that using apostrophes correctly really mattered.

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