Delight where you can

15th July 2021 / by Richard Gray

I recently had cause to test a website from abroad.  Covid (and my budget (and my family)) didn’t allow me to jet off to foreign climes, so I needed a way to virtualise being on a sunny beach in Barbados.

I was pointed towards a website which allocates you an IP address from another country, allowing your website’s geolocation to work as if the visit was from that area.

A warning in advance – this isn’t a rant.

If you want rants, stop reading.

For this is delightful.

And made me smile.

Which is a rarity.

So my wife says.

Anyway … creating an account and logging in was the thing that made me smile.

The login screen is very standard, but when you start to input your email address the magic happens:

And if that wasn’t fun enough, look what happens when you enter your password:

That kept me amused for days.

The point is – putting in some time and effort into something so ‘standard’ elevates it from just that – the ordinary – to something extraordinary. This makes your users feel more loved, they will enjoy using your website more, and (as this is the login screen) will want to keep coming back to log in – if for nothing more than to just to see the bear cover his eyes!

As of yet, no-one has asked us to do anything similar for their login screens, but if you fancied it do please give us a shout!

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Delight where you can

A possible way to make your visitors smile - and keep coming back to your website. It worked for me!

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I was asked one morning whether I thought that using apostrophes correctly really mattered.

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