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On this page Pink Fish Associates – the Swindon SEO Company – introduces Search Engine Optimisation and outlines how they would deliver a successful SEO campaign for your business.

Hello and welcome to our page on Search Engine Optimisation.

If you have landed on this page after a Google search for ‘SEO Companies Swindon’ or some similar phrase then we are delighted you found us – and you are a real life example of the power of SEO in action!

Online Success – underpinned by Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Agency SwindonIn our experience any successful online business will be underpinned by an online marketing strategy and in many cases the main element in that strategy will be something called Search Engine Optimisation.

Below is a brief explanation about what Search Engine Optimisation is and how we at Pink Fish Associates would work a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign for your business.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

In brief, for many companies Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO for short – is all about getting your website found by your target audience.  If you want a more fancy definition of SEO try this one from Moz*

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

Search Engine Optimisation Company Wiltshire(You can read much more here – but do come back to us, we’d hate to lose you so soon!)

For us here at Pink Fish Associates this is only half the story though. We believe that it’s also all about what happens after you get all these new visitors to your website. If they just go away without doing anything,  then you have achieved nothing. So we say that the crucial part of SEO is all about Conversions. Yes of course you have to drive traffic to your website and thatis a key part of what SEO should do  – but  converting your site visitors into whatever you want them to be; subscribers, members, prospects and customers (or clients if you are in the professional services!) is ultimately the end goal of SEO.  It is this conversion that turns your increased website traffic into profits and delivers the payback you are striving for.

* By the way Moz is a hugely respected US based SEO Consultancy and Community which we are very pleased to be a part of and we use their excellent tools in our SEO work

How we deliver SEO for Swindon Companies

(and other organisations of course!)

In order to develop the optimal SEO plan and to deliver the most effective results for your company it is necessary to clearly understand what we refer to as the “search landscape” i.e. understanding just how your target audiences search online for the products and services you are offering. Also in this information collecting phase we would want to see what your competition are doing with regard to any search marketing strategies they are operating. If we are to take them on in the fight for search rankings – i.e. the Google search results – we’ll need to counter their strategies.

So the first stage of the SEO process with us would be the keyword research phase.  At the end of this stage we would have identified and agreed, in collaboration with you, the most important target keywords/phrases that we need to optimise your website around. These would be the phrases and website themes that will deliver the most relevant traffic (visitors) to your website.

SEO – the next steps…

Wiltshire SEO AgencyOnce the keyword research stage has been completed, we would start working on the specific Search Engine Optimisation elements which make up the SEO programme.
Outlined below are the stages that we would follow in delivering an effective Search Engine Optimisation programme for your business.

Our SEO strategy

The search engine optimisation programme we have created is made up of six key elements;

  • On-page factors
  • External Factors
  • Usability and conversions
  • Ongoing Content Development
  • Attribution
  • Monthly monitoring, measurement and reporting

Under the heading of ‘On-Page factors’ we would focus on things such as specific page content, meta tagging and the more technical SEO factors such as page load speeds, internal link paths, canonical urls, tags amongst other things.

With External Factors we would be primarily looking to develop relevant and high authority links from other websites and internet publishers and platforms. We would also be looking at gathering citations and encouraging reviews and testimonials.

The SEO environment is a dynamic, evolving one and we use the latest best practice methods to gain sustainable results in this space. You are probably aware that, some time ago now, Google moved aggressively against link building practices that were deemed to not be “organic” i.e. links that were system generated or created with the sole aim of “spamming” the search engines to gain an advantage in the search rankings.  Our link building processes follow Google’s documented best practise methods.  All targeted links are carefully researched and we ensure that the link building profile we create for your website will prove beneficial and sustainable.

Usabilty and Conversions – this element should be a critical part of the strategy for any decent SEO Company. It is most especially important in an e-commerce environment. Google handles e-commerce sites differently to other types of sites – particularly applying measures related to the site visitor’s journey through the website and conversion rates etc. (also often called the user experience or UX for short).

So large website visitor numbers may look good on the reports but if they don’t stay long on your site they can actually send a negative signal to Google – such as ‘this site is not meeting the site visitors’ requirements’ and that can have a detrimental effect on your search ranking position. (Always remember that Google always wants to show searchers the most relevant, authoritative, up to date information and if it thinks your website is not doing that – because site visitors don’t stay on and engage with your site – then it will push your site down the rankings.)

So delivering large volumes of traffic to the website is an achievement, but you will want those site visitors to engage and be converted into customers, subscribers etc. by your website.

The Usability and Conversions aspect of our SEO programme will look at how your visitors are using the website, and will look at the most effective ways of getting those site visitors to take the actions that you want them to take when they are on the website.

Swindon SEO CompanyOngoing Content Development – Content is a critical factor when it comes to producing a successful and sustainable SEO programme. The need to regularly create relevant, original and compelling content that directly addresses the needs of your target audience is most important in building the relevance, authority and value of your website vis a vis  your target audience.  In doing this well, you will continue to attract the right type of site visitors. Also you will also attract interest (and links) from other websites which will further boost your site visitor numbers and add valuable SEO authority to your website.  As a result Google will reward you with improved ranking positions.

So with this in mind we would work with you to create a Strategic Content Plan. The idea behind the Content Plan is to provide a monthly, weekly or even at times a daily view of what content needs to be created and added to the website or promoted to other online publishers or posted onto appropriate social media platforms that you might be using.

The outcome here will be to develop an effective rolling monthly plan which will help to define your Content Development strategy. Having such a strategy will enable us to better deliver timely and effective content i.e. content that is relevant, original and compelling to your audience.

We could assign one of our content writers to work with your organisation to build an understanding of your business and the context in which you are operating. This will result in better overall content being produced. The amount of content creation we do for your business would be based on the hours allocated to the SEO project overall, but our content writers are all UK based and skilled in creating compelling content.


This is a key element in our SEO strategy.  Attribution is all about measuring the effectiveness of the SEO campaign by attributing activity on and around the site to the SEO work that is being done. We primarily use Google Analytics for this and we set various appropriate goals and conversions metrics which will be regularly reviewed and reported on, as part of the monthly management review.

Sadly, many of the SEO clients that we take on have previously had a negative experience of working with an SEO Company (or individual). In most cases the main complaint is; “I never knew what they were doing for the money I was paying them!” This naturally then led to mistrust and a breakdown in the relationship.

At Pink Fish Associates we work hard to ensure that all our clients are kept informed about the work we have done, are doing and are planning to do next. The main way we do this is through a comprehensive monthly reporting process.  See below for more information.

Monthly Management Monitoring and Reviews
It is critical to any successful SEO campaign that regular monitoring and measuring reviews are conducted. We would monitor on an ongoing basis throughout the month and we would produce a comprehensive management report at the end of each month. This would  show the work done and the progress made, whilst also projecting forward and outlining the actions to be taken in the month ahead.

In our monthly measuring, monitoring and reporting we use Google Analytics and Search Console as well as the mighty Moz and a number of other reporting tools to manage and report on your SEO programme

Your own SEO Team

Swindon Company Search Engine OptimisationTo successfully deliver the type of SEO campaign outlined above, Pink Fish would assemble a team dedicated to your SEO project. This could include an SEO specialist, a website editor, an SEO account manager, at least one content writer and other assorted specialists who will be drafted in as required when appropriate. In this way you would receive all the professionalism and valuable expertise of a full internet marketing agency but delivered at highly competitive, affordable rates.

If you would like to know more about our Search Engine Optimisation programmes and how we would work with your organisation please contact us on Swindon (01793) 886294 or send us an email or use our contact form We would genuinely be delighted to hear from you and to start looking at just how our SEO programmes  can help your business to Be Found and Sell More!