Video Production Services and Photography

Video Production Services

High Quality, Affordable Videos. Custom Made for Your Business.

Since the Mobile Revolution took hold a couple of years ago video has become increasingly important opening new opportunities for business owners to reach their target audience and gain a real advantage over their competitors.

The dramatic growth in the use of mobile devices – smart phones and tablets – has changed the way in which people use the internet. Now we can be on-line all the time and consequently the way in which we consume information has also changed as a result.

It is much easier to take on board information via a short video than it is to read a document online. This is especially true if you are accessing the information using a smart phone.  Therefore it’s understandable that website based video has grown significantly as a medium for effectively delivering information.

There is no doubt now, websites are going to be transformed by the use of video. We can deliver professional website video packages at very affordable small business prices.

We have formed a partnership with a young, ultra-professional video production company who share our belief that the cost of professionally made video has been far too expensive for the smaller and medium sized businesses and local companies. We have worked to develop truly affordable website video packages for all businesses.

Low cost definitely does not mean low quality.
We use high quality cameras and the latest in post-production technology to deliver thoroughly professional videos.

Video Productions Created for Your Business.
It’s not just one style of video that we offer we can offer a range of different filming styles. These can all be used to create exactly the type of video end product that you require such as;

  • Talking head videos – One or more people talking directly to camera. Good for video testimonials or for explaining key sales points for instance.
  • Interview Style Videos– A variation on the talking head videos with formal or informal interviewer / interviewee(s) style videos
  • Product Video – Displaying a product and showing how it works. Information could be relayed through visuals, person talking to camera, a voiceover or captions on screen.
  • Business promotional video– A stylised film that could include your premises, people and showing the products and services you offer.

Video Production Prices

We can’t provide a final price until we know exactly what is required, but as an example, for just £500 you could have this typical video production package;

  • Up to 4 hours of filming and Sound Recording
  • Professional editing and post production services
  • Overlaying 1 x Music soundtrack Copyright Free
  • Voiceover – either using a professional person or your own people
    (N.B. Script must be supplied)

Website Video Comes of Age

The mobile revolution started in earnest in 2011 and we are now well and truly in the Age of Mobile. This is having dramatic impact on the way that we use the internet.

One of these key impacts is the fact that we can access the internet on the move and virtually anywhere at any time. Mobile devices enable us to connect and consume information wherever we may be. However reading websites on small screen devices is not always easy or enjoyable so having all the key information presented via a series of short videos is ideal.

We believe that businesses which gear up to deliver content effectively to their mobile site visitors will gain a significant advantage over their competitors who only have written content and images on their websites. This is why we have been so keen to develop an extremely cost effective website video solution for our smaller business clients.

Call us now to discuss your video requirements. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Photography Services

Your website can be destroyed by low quality images. Alternatively your website can be elevated to new levels by high quality photography. Our photographers have the experience and the creative skills to properly capture the essence of your business, your products and your people.

These days anyone can take a picture – but creating an image, that’s very different and the difference will be obvious when the two are put side by side.

If you need images for your website or for print media or other purposes contact us. We would be delighted to help you.