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In today’s highly congested, ultra-competitive internet world no online business can be successful without an effective Internet marketing strategy.

What is Online Marketing?

Online or Internet Marketing is all about attracting visitors to your website or blog (or other kind of online presence) and once there getting them to do whatever it is that you want them to do. In short, ‘converting’ them into customers, prospective clients, subscribers etc.

Website visitors – also referred to as ‘site traffic’ – will typically arrive at your website or blog via a number of ways; via search engines, from referrals, through links on other sites, via social media platforms or directly by entering a specific web address.

An Internet Marketing Strategy or Online Marketing campaign should maximise your site traffic by ensuring that your target audiences can find your business online quickly and easily, especially when searching the internet for the products or services or information that you can provide.

Once that visitor traffic is arriving on your site, a well-constructed Internet Marketing strategy will move your visitor traffic through the site towards the end goal; which is securing that ‘conversion’.

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For more general information on Internet Marketing and Online Marketing Strategies just keep reading.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Developing the most appropriate and effective Internet Marketing strategies for any online business must be a bespoke exercise – you can’t simply use someone else’s plan and expect to be successful – even if that strategy worked fantastically well for their business.  Why is this so?

Because the online marketing strategy – which may also be referred to as a Search Marketing strategy – will be influenced by many factors. For example, what type of online business is it? Is it;

  • a business to consumer e-commerce business
  • a business to business consultancy style organisation
  • a specific blogging company

The development of the Internet Marketing campaign will also be influenced by other factors such as key objectives to be achieved – for instance;

  • increase online sales
  • expand into new areas (products/services/territories)
  • grow subscriber lists
  • develop a prospective client sales pipeline

Other influences coming into play would be such things as; available budget, timescales and just  where the business is in terms of it’s existing online presence (e.g. is it established online or is it a brand new start up) as well as the target audiences you need to reach.

The internet marketing strategy for your business must take account of all of these factors (and plenty more too) if it is going to be an effective and ultimately successful strategy that delivers real results for your business.

Your Internet Marketing strategy will pull together a combination of smaller strategies and tactics built around different online marketing tools and tactics. Typically the strategies that we develop here at Pink Fish Associates may well combine elements of the following;

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),
  • Content Marketing,
  • Strategic Link Building,
  • Paid Search Marketing (or Pay Per Click marketing) e.g. Google Adwords
  • Social Media Marketing

Clearly then an Internet Marketing strategy is not the same as an SEO strategy or a Social Media Campaign or a Content Marketing. It is much wider than those individual elements although it will most likely include Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media and Content marketing it goes beyond the limits of those specific individual online marketing strategies. For these reasons your Internet Marketing strategy can become a complex project which needs to be carefully developed, and maintained if it is to stay on track and deliver the results you want.

Management of your Internet Marketing Strategy is therefore critical if you are going to get the significant return on investment that a properly devised and well implemented strategy should provide. Time will need to be spent on assessing the impact and evaluating the effectiveness of the many various elements within the Internet Marketing strategy. Elements which are not producing results or progress need to adapted or dropped altogether. Those elements which are bringing results should be examined further to understand why and then resources could be switched into that area to reinforce and support it further.

Your Internet Marketing strategy will be a dynamic strategy, one that must be regularly monitored and managed to ensure that it operates as cost effectively as possible and delivers against the longer term objectives and the short term tactical targets that have been set.

Here at Pink Fish Associates Ltd. we have the experience and the expertise to create and manage Internet Marketing strategies for both locally focussed and nationally focussed organisations. If you would like to know more about integrated Internet Marketing or Online Marketing strategies and how they might help your business to flourish please contact us. You call us on Swindon (01793) 886294 or email us here either way we’d be delighted to hear from you and we are always ready to have a no charge, no obligation meeting with you to discuss your Internet Marketing needs.