Hosting and Website Support Services

First Class Web Hosting Services

Looking for someone to host your website? Our website hosting plans will provide you with the excellent hosting support.

Your site will be hosted on one of our dedicated virtual web servers. Our servers are located on the UK mainland  in a secure, fully managed and award winning* data centre.
*Winners of the Best Business Hosting Award for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Your site will be continuously monitored and automatically backed up daily. (If required we can increase the frequency of backups e.g. a busy ecommerce site may require hourly backups or more.)  

Our hosting servers are fast – very fast. Our hosting hardware uses superior 15,000 rpm SAS hard drives as opposed to the slower 7200 rpm SATA drives used by many of our competitors. This means your website will be presented faster to your site visitors as site loading and browser waiting times are reduced significantly.

Users and Google Love Fast Loading Websites

Website users have become very intolerant of slow loading websites and will quickly click off in frustration and look for alternative sites. If your site is loading slowly it is highly likely that you will be losing sales to your competitors.

And it gets worse – it is now well known that a fast website will be viewed more favourably by search engines – especially Google – with slow loading sites dropping down the rankings. So not only will you lose customers but you’ll lose ranking positions as well.

New to Website Hosting?

If you are new to webhosting and these terms seem strange to you take a look at our quick explanation to hosting below  – or just call us – we’d be happy to talk to you.

What is Web Hosting?

Your website is really just a collection of data files and these files have to be stored somewhere safe and secure, ready to be presented when someone wants to visit your website.  So in order to enable this to happen your website files need to stored on a computer (but one of a much higher specification than your standard desktop PC) and that computer must also be connected to the Internet through a very fast and robust link.

A computer on which web sites are stored is called a web server because it serves website pages to internet users when requested.
Why is it called Web Hosting? Quite simply the term web hosting has been used to explain the fact that the website files are being “looked after” (hosted) by the web server computer.  It is usual that in the larger Hosting Data Centres each web server computer may be hosting several hundreds if not thousands of individual websites.
With our hosting, because we manage our own webserver computers we can control how many websites are placed on these servers. This means we can manage the performance of the webserver better so that you will get a more responsive, faster service as a result.

Why do I need web hosting?

It is possible to use your own computer as a webserver. But in reality it just is not practical or cost effective to do this, certainly if your website is a commercial website.  You would need to invest in a very powerful internet connection and you would need to have secure power supplies and spare hardware available in case of any hardware failures as well as powerful anti-virus software and anti-hacking systems.

We will do all this for you – and much more besides. If you would like us to help you with your web hosting requirements please just get in contact. We would be happy to talk to you.