Hosting and maintenance

At Pink Fish we want to offer excellent value for money along with a quality service that ensures your new website remains stable and well maintained. We also want to give you flexibility over the services you choose to take from us so that you can find a solution which fits your budget.

We offer three services which you may want to use when your new website launches – hosting, maintenance and support. All of these are optional and they all have different costs associated with them. You can mix and match the different elements to create a package which is right for you.


Every website needs to be hosted on a web server somewhere in the world so that other people can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can of course arrange your own hosting, but you would be responsible for ensuring your site is backed up, the server is continuously running and that no malicious attacks are occurring.

To remove these headaches, we have several different hosting plans which we can offer. With each, your website will be hosted on one of our leased web servers. Depending on your requirements, this will either be a shared web server (one shared with other Pink Fish clients) or a dedicated (virtual) server which hosts only your site and which we will manage on your behalf.

All the servers we use are located on the UK mainland in a secure, fully managed, multi-award-winning data centre.

Your website will be automatically backed up on a regular basis. We take daily database back-ups (covering content changes) and weekly file system backups (uploaded files, images and documents) which we keep on a rolling 3-month basis.

We install a piece of software called WordFence on your site which provides 24-hour monitoring to detect unexpected/unauthorised login attempts and keeps details of any changes which have been made to the site.

Hosting starts when the site launches.


If you have a WordPress website, it will include a number of modules or ‘plugins’. It is important to keep these plugins updated as new features and fixes are rolled out by the plugin developers on a regular basis.

Via the WordPress CMS you can either update the plugins yourself or you can take out a maintenance contract and leave us to do everything that’s required, thus giving you complete peace of mind.

Our website maintenance contract offers updates to plugins which we categorise in three different ways:

  1. Security updates: where security issues or vulnerabilities which affect the integrity of your website or its data are identified, we’ll update those plugins as soon as we become aware of the issue.
  2. Core system updates: WordPress or WooCommerce sometimes need updating to add new features or fix non-critical issues. Depending on what the update addresses, we would look to do these updates between once a quarter and once a month.
  3. New features and compatibility updates: sometimes plugins are just updated to offer new features or better compatibility with other plugins. If not updated, your site is likely to continue to work without developing a problem, but you may want to take advantage of those new features. We’ll look to do feature updates once a quarter – sooner if you alert us to a feature update you would like applied.

Whilst updating a plugin isn’t a difficult task in itself (which is why we consider the maintenance contract optional as you can do it yourself) there are potential issues which may occur following an update. For example, an existing feature may stop working or there may be a compatibility issue between the newly updated plugin and other plugins operating in the site. If we perform the updates for you, we will do our best to ensure that the site will continue to function as it did prior to the updates being made.

The cost of our maintenance contract varies depending on the complexity of the website and to some extent, the number of plugins you have. We’ll be able to advise you on likely maintenance costs once we have a better idea of your requirements.

Any necessary licence fees for plugins used on your site will need to be billed separately.


With WordPress, you always remain in control of your site and can add, remove and edit pages, posts, images, documents and text through the intuitive CMS. You can install plugins, add new features and change your site as you see fit.

That said, you may not have either the time or the inclination to update your site, preferring instead to just send us a list of things you’d like changed. To accommodate this, we offer a support contract through which you can buy discounted developer hours to help support you in enhancing your site over time.

These support hours can be used for telephone or email consultancy advice, content updates, posting of new blogs, installation of new plugins, refresher training and more complex content edits.

Our standard support contract which offers up to 1 hour a month of dedicated email and telephone support time is offered at a discounted rate.

We can also offer longer-term ongoing support contracts where hours are tracked and then billed monthly. Our larger clients prefer to manage their support needs this way.

Email management

Why not keep everything under one roof – your website, domain and emails with our optional email management plan? Our email plan includes setup, backup, technical support and mail-forwarding services for up to 10 e-mail boxes per domain and you have telephone access to our support team to help with any email problems.

All our mailboxes allow up to 10GB of space at no extra charge – larger mailboxes are needed, should you require the extra space.

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