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E-commerce Website Designers for Swindon, Wiltshire and beyond…

If you’re starting a business, have an established one or want to put a toe in the water to try selling online, we’re the people to talk to.

We’ve been building e-commerce sites using WordPress and WooCommerce for years, and are confident we can build a shop which will meet your needs. This could be something relatively simple or something more complicated with lots of products and categories.

Responsive web design and development for e-commerce

How we work

Our approach to designing and building an e-commerce website is no different to the one we take for standard web design & development projects, although what’s required is generally a little more involved, so they can sometimes take a bit longer to build.

As most of our sites are WordPress-based, we use WooCommerce for our shops. WooCommerce is the most popular and arguably the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You can sell anything with WooCommerce, from physical products to digital downloads. There’s no limit to the number of products you can have in your store and WooCommerce provides an excellent content management interface for you to add, edit and remove products.

When you work with us, we don’t just build you a template and let you get on with it. We talk, plan, advise, assist and manage – everything you could possibly want, all under one roof.

Shop structure

Getting the shop structure right from the start is important and we’ll help you think through the categories and sub-categories you’ll need.

We build wireframes and working prototypes of your store to help you visualise your structure. You can show this to existing or potential customers to see what they think.

Adding products

We provide you with a template spreadsheet which you’ll populate with your products. We then upload this into your store on one of our development sites so that you can see how your products will look.

You can sell simple products (a table, for example) or product variants (a red jumper, a blue jumper or a green jumper all in different sizes). All can have different pictures and prices.

Managing stock levels

Your shop can help you manage your stock levels by automatically counting the number of items left in your storeroom. When this gets close to zero, you can alert your customers. When it hits zero, you won’t be able to sell any more of that product on the website.

Discounts and incentives

You can set up discount codes to provide extra reasons for your customers to buy. These could give people a percentage discount or money off specific products. You could have special “spend over X and receive Y” offers – the choice is yours and the system is very flexible.

Payment providers

We can incorporate many different payment providers, although WorldPay, PayPal and Stripe are the most common ones our customers use.


Top-quality imagery will sell your products so please don’t settle for those grainy low-resolution photos you took on your phone. Let us arrange for a professional photographer to come and take photographs of your products that will really appeal to your customers.

Hosting, maintenance and support

Remember that we’re a full-service agency so we have hosting, maintenance and support contracts available to help support your shop.

Long-term beneficial relationships

As we’ve already said, we’re not interested in delivering short-term solutions where we just build you a shop framework and leave you to it. We are always looking to develop longer-term business relationships with our clients and we want to see you (and help you) succeed.

We believe that we can create an e-commerce website that really works for your business – give us a try and see for yourself!

Get in touch

If you think we can help with your next project, please drop us a line or call us. We’d love to meet with you to see how we could work together.

Our offices in West Swindon are easy to reach with free parking right outside the door.


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