Digital marketing and SEO

If your business needs to be more effective online, find new customers, increase sales revenues or grow your market share – we can help.

Digital marketing and SEO

We have the experience and the expertise to create and deliver successful digital and online marketing programmes and campaigns. We have done this for many companies over many years. We have a track record of success that we are proud of and would be happy to share with you.

Digital marketing is fundamentally about two critical elements;

  1. Getting your business found online by an audience that is relevant to you – and thereby increasing the number of meaningful visitors to your website.
  2. Converting site visits into profit or at least opportunities. This is the really important part because only at this point will you achieve a real return on your investment.

Many online marketing companies will focus heavily on the first part but not give the same attention to second part. Simply attracting lots of new visitors to your website is only doing half the job – unless you convert those visitors into new customers or clients then all your investment will have been wasted.

At Pink Fish Associates we are focused on ensuring you get a real return on your investment in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is more important than ever for all companies with an online presence, but it’s especially important for smaller businesses where often the website is your only source of marketing.

Without doubt small, medium and locally focused businesses need to have an effective Digital marketing strategy, whether that is based around:

  • Paid search or Pay Per Click like Google AdWords
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing

Without an effective, measurable digital marketing strategy, your business will simply not compete effectively online and will never reach its full potential. This is where Pink Fish can really help you.

What we do

Search marketing is all about getting your business seen by your target audience when they are searching for the products, services or the information that they want. If you can place your website in front of these potential customers ahead of your competitors, then you have a serious business advantage.

When we take on a digital Marketing project we will spend quality time understanding your business and your target audiences, reviewing your website and your main competitors too. We will also want to fully understand your goals and objectives – what would a successful digital marketing campaign look like for your business?

Once we understand all of this, we can then put together a targeted digital marketing strategy that is specifically tailored for your business (not an off the shelf package typically called something like Platinum, Gold and Silver, where the package is predetermined – regardless of whether that is right for your business or not).

In most cases a successful digital Marketing Strategy will be made up of a blend of different elements depending on your businesses challenges, goals and objectives. These elements will include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid search also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) as well as Social Media Marketing.

Although these three strategic elements are distinct in their own way, they are all fundamentally linked by one common thing and that is content. Content is critical and there is no getting away from the fact that if you are to be successful in promoting your business online then you need to have an effective content plan as part of your digital marketing strategy.

We understand all of this and our SEO team has years of truly valuable experience and expertise which will be used to create and deliver a properly tailored digital Marketing strategy for the benefit of your business.

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