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5 June 2019 / by Steve Dye

Meeting your legal requirements

If you're running a business website, you need to make sure you're meeting your legal requirements.

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9 May 2019 / by Richard Gray

Southwest Mosaic

A new website for a local specialist Victorian tiler. Features an inspiration gallery and 'before and after' shots of various projects.

Rich's Rants

24 April 2019 / by Richard Gray

Why do the same thing twice?

Asking your users to do the same thing twice just makes them annoyed and adds risk to the process.

Digital marketing

16 April 2019 / by Steve Dye

The Malt Miller: analytics

Undertaking a deep dive into Google Analytics data provided opportunities to significantly increase monthly revenue for The Malt Miller.

Rich's Rants

12 April 2019 / by Richard Gray

Put things where people expect to find them

Like small children and lost toys, your website should put things where people expect to find them.

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2 April 2019 / by Richard Gray

A new website for SCR Air Ltd

Graphic design, wireframing and a set of products which can be easily filtered to help customers find what’s right for them.

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20 March 2019 / by Richard Gray

Social Media Adventures

Focusing on simplicity and clean lines, our new website for Social Media Adventures sells the expedition experience.

Portfolio | Recent work

19 March 2019 / by Richard Gray

DM Wheel Systems

Fluid, responsive and elegantly designed, the new DM Wheel Systems website showcases the range of products and services on offer.

Rich's Rants

7 March 2019 / by Richard Gray

Don’t confuse with colour

Putting aside the colour blindness issues of using colour to illustrate state, for those of us who aren't colour blind, please use colour in a way that makes sense.

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10 February 2019 / by Richard Gray


A new website for one of the leading manufacturers of cable accessories for power and telecom industries across the globe.

Digital marketing

22 January 2019 / by Richard Gray

SEO strategy doubles manufacturer’s revenue

BIL Group have a large e-commerce solution with an extensive online catalogue. Our digital marketing campaign almost doubled their revenue in 2018 - find out how.

Recent work

15 January 2019 / by Richard Gray

JJ Lee

A new website for JJ Lee - a carton designer and manufacturer from Corsham.

Rich's Rants

10 January 2019 / by Richard Gray

Why apostrophes matter

I was asked one morning whether I thought that using apostrophes correctly really mattered.

Portfolio | Recent work

15 December 2018 / by Richard Gray

The Malt Miller

A UX-enhanced e-commerce solution for one of the UK's largest homebrew suppliers.

Digital marketing

16 November 2018 / by Steve Dye

Web design companies – how do you make the right choice?

Five tips for selecting the right website design company for your business.

Recent work

2 October 2018 / by Richard Gray

Vision Tiles

Following the success of the Vision Design website, we were asked to develop a second site - this time to sell high-end imported Roca tiles.

Rich's Rants

4 September 2018 / by Richard Gray

Show you care

Show your users that you care about the small things and it will show that you care about the big things too.

Recent work

3 August 2018 / by Richard Gray

Ratwall & Metex

No matter what size your shop, we'll still spend time working on a wireframe to help with visualisation and with the range of highly-specialist products on offer from Metex it was no different.

Recent work

13 June 2018 / by Richard Gray

A2I Schools

Enabling young people to realise the importance of having their own aspirations whilst giving them the confidence to achieve more and fulfill their potential.

Recent work

4 June 2018 / by Richard Gray

Coleshill Catering

A nice simple updated brochure site for Highworth-based catering company, Coleshill Catering.

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1 May 2018 / by Richard Gray

The Floral Studio

A showcase website for one of the Cotswolds' and Wiltshire's most sought after florists.

Rich's Rants

25 April 2018 / by Richard Gray

Increasing your users’ confidence

Help your users to make informed choices about where to go and what to do by providing helpful signposts.

Recent work

11 April 2018 / by Richard Gray

Moi Meme

We've just finished work on a new website for Moi-Même. Moi-Même is "a beauty and lifestyle box for women who love discovering new products from high end, independent brands."

Portfolio | Recent work

5 March 2018 / by Richard Gray

New site for BXM Expeditions

We were pleased to be able to provide a new website for BXM Expeditions - the UK's largest DofE expedition provider.

Digital marketing

17 February 2018 / by Steve Dye

Effective email marketing campaigns

In the modern business environment, email marketing can provide the solution to two of the most important commercial requirements: finding new customers and keeping the ones that you already have.

Digital marketing

6 February 2018 / by Steve Dye

Why it’s time to move your website to HTTPS

Here we outline the compelling reasons why you ought to consider upgrading your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

Recent work

1 February 2018 / by Richard Gray


A new website for YourDMS, a Swindon-based company offering tailored document management solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

Rich's Rants

4 December 2017 / by Richard Gray

Error messages – help your users

Help your users when errors occur and you'll give them a much more pleasant user experience.

Recent work

20 November 2017 / by Richard Gray


A new e-commerce site with a small range of high-end BBQ equipment created in partnership with Christian Stevenson.

Recent work

6 November 2017 / by Richard Gray

Mark Blackman

Operating at a distance proved no problem when we created a new website for Mark Blackman - a consultant spinal surgeon from Essex.

Recent work

13 October 2017 / by Richard Gray

Breaking Barriers

We've just launched a new site for Breaking Barriers Theatre Company. They offer street dance, ballet, drama, and glee club classes for school children.

Recent work

23 September 2017 / by Richard Gray

Vision Design

A new website for Vision Design - a high-end kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design company in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Digital marketing | Recent work

8 August 2017 / by Richard Gray

PinkBox Boutique

Based in Devizes, Wiltshire, PinkBox Boutique specialises in providing a large range of carefully and thoughtfully selected home style, beauty care, and food products.

Recent work

5 July 2017 / by Richard Gray

Audience of Bath

A new website for Audience of Bath - a specialist Hi-Fi shop selling high-quality audio systems and custom installations.

Rich's Rants

8 May 2017 / by Richard Gray

Meeting user expectations

Breaking from convention is often seen as edgy or cool, but in the digital world this may not always be the best thing to do.

Recent work

17 April 2017 / by Richard Gray

H.J. Johnson

A new website for H.J. Johnson, a Devizes-based family jeweller with a long and illustrious history.

Recent work

16 March 2017 / by Richard Gray

Ideas Box

Another bespoke designed brochure site, Ideas Box were looking for a website to showcase their tricycle range and the top quality food and drink products they offer.

Portfolio | Recent work

10 January 2017 / by Richard Gray

Direct Window Supplies Ltd

A bespoke composite door builder and visualisation tool to allow customers to construct and see their new front door as they choose the various configurable elements.

Recent work

24 October 2016 / by Richard Gray

Mr Prep

A bespoke developed ordering system for a range of healthy gourmet meals and snacks.

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